Owner and co-founder of Milwaukee Mom, Sarah is a full-time working mom of three rough-and-tumble boys who like their jeans ripped and their hands dirty. She has lived in Wisconsin her whole life, attending UW-Madison and finally landing in the Milwaukee area in 2012. Sarah is a former English teacher and is currently enjoying a season of strong coffee and being a small business owner! She loves a good book, a flavorful craft beer and watching her Badgers and Packers get a W. Sarah is mama to three sons.

School of MKE is In Session | Virtual Learning with a Local Focus

An unconventional school year deserves an unconventional approach to learning in Milwaukee It's no stretch to say that 2020 has dealt us a pretty unexpected hand, especially when it comes to the educational environments for...

Guide to Local Photographers | Milwaukee, WI

Our Guide to Local Photographers in Milwaukee is a collection of photographers who we partner with on our events and initiatives throughout the year, along with a reader-cultivated directory of Milwaukee area photographers found...

Our Favorite Instant Pot Beef Stew

Have you jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon? This modernized pressure cooker is the hot kitchen appliance du jour and it seems like everyone and their sister has one on their counter. Those who...

Mental Health, Medication and Moms | How a GeneSight Genetic Test Can Help

Moms, we have a problem. Prior to 2020, there was already an uphill battle being waged to get moms the mental health support they need, especially in the realm of perinatal mood disorders, and...

Good Foods Celebrates GUACtoberfest With Creative, Family-Pleasing Guacamole Recipes

Back in "the before times" when I would go out to a restaurant with friends, my absolute favorite was to go somewhere that made fresh guacamole tableside. It was almost mesmerizing to watch someone...

Milwaukee Bake the Vote Bake Sale | Sweet Toothed Citizenship at Work

  Got a Sweet Tooth? Big fan of democracy and supporting efforts to ensure an equitable and fair election in 2020? You're gonna want to hit up the Bake the Vote Bake Sale! Pre-orders are now open...

Explore More at Bayshore with Fun Fall Activities

Trying to find fun and safe family activities this fall has definitely been more challenging than usual! Good old fashioned outdoor staples like family hikes, apple picking, and exploring a pumpkin patch are no-brainers,...

COVID Bullying: The School Threat I Never Saw Coming

Earlier this summer, we were weighing the options about the upcoming school year and were struggling to make a decision about what we felt would be best for our kids, their teachers, and our...

Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru in Waukesha | Two Weekends of Dino Fun!

After being trapped inside for months and months and without things like festivals and fairs to enjoy like usual, families are anxious for safe activities to enjoy together and the Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru fits...

The Milwaukee Public Museum is Back! Plus, New Protocols to Keep Families Safe

The Milwaukee Public Museum has Reopened to the Public! It's finally time to return to the land of dinos, butterflies and exploration at the Milwaukee Public Museum, just in time for the fall and whatever...