Shann grew up in the Milwaukee area, but escaped briefly to attend school in Arizona. Missing her family and the Wisconsin weather, she returned to get her Master's Degree at Marquette University. Shann now is a boy mom to twins and a grade-schooler. When she's not buried under a pile of laundry, she's teaching ballet, volunteering at school, or writing on her blog.
local Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Local Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Milwaukee Moms

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs you can have. So, when that special day comes to celebrate them, you don't want to mess it up. Everyone wants their moms to feel...

Spring Break Getaways in Wisconsin for Families

While I would love to be on some tropical island with an umbrella drink, it’s not a reality for our family this Spring. That doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the break. In fact,...

Favorite Library Story Hours All Around Milwaukee

Library story hours are the best. Not only do you get out of the house with your little ones, but you get to do something that's great for them in so many ways. Improving...

Things to Keep after COVID

COVID has changed so many things in our lives. From the way we work to the way we socialize, almost every aspect of our lives is different right now. While I miss many things,...
Opposites attract

Opposites attract…but then what?

We've all heard the saying opposites attract. You know you're singing that Paula Abdul song in your head right now. But what happens after the initial attraction wears off? What happens when opposites decide...
Unexpected benefits

Pandemic Living: Unexpected Benefits of Our Choices

Living through a Global pandemic has been anything but easy. I think I've experienced every emotion possible, sometimes all in the same day. Second and third, guessing decisions became the norm. It's not something...
screen time limits

Screen time limits: Parents May Need Them Too

  Screens have recently become a bigger issue in our house. From virtual learning to Zoom meetings and family movie night to facetime calls, it seems as though every activity now involves some type of...

Encouraging Art and Rediscovering a Passion

I've always loved art. From doodling in my notebook to painting to dancing, I'm not sure there is a form I don't like or appreciate. However, as a mom, I don't get to spend...

A Letter to My Three White Sons

Dear Boys, This is a letter that I never wanted to write to you. I'm not sure that I can even articulate everything that I want to say, but it is a start. Silence is...
Clubs: Not Just for Kids

Clubs: They are not just for kids

Motherhood can be isolating. Taking care of your child's needs can be all encompassing and leave very little room for anything else, especially at the beginning. Friendships can be hard to maintain for a number...