Shawnta is a corporate cubical warrior turned caregiver, educator, and author. In her family of three, she, her husband, and their son enjoy escaping into screens, games, and the written page. The dreadlocked mama, bearded daddy, and never-shave-off-my-mohawk-again kiddo also clearly take their hair commitments as seriously as they do their next game night. Shawnta and her boys are lifelong Wisconsinites. When Shawnta is on her own (and not working on her next book), she enjoys Wordscapes, YA series, and most of Netflix.

Hey, Holiday Babies: I See You!

Tis the season…To have people forget your birthday? My birthday is between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, in the middle of Kwanzaa. It’s surrounded by an air of good cheer and a flurry of celebrations....

Moms, We Need To Take Our Boundaries Seriously… Our Wellbeing Depends On It.

We Need to Take Our Boundaries More Seriously Than Ever Here’s the tricky thing about boundaries: Setting them is not a one-time act. If we want them to work, we have to keep reinforcing them,...
don't celebrate christmas

Making It Through the Holiday Season When You Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Feeling Excluded During the Winter Holidays I love the idea of what "the holidays" are supposed to be about, but the season has started to feel less inclusive to me. Over time I realized it...