Dear Vacation Mom


Every vacation has a maestro, a manager, a vacation mom.

When everyone else is on vacation, mom or another caregiver sweats the small stuff, the big stuff, and all the stuff in between – so no one else has to.

It’s time to say thanks to the vacation planners!

This message goes out to all of the while-we’re-away-from-home warriors who try their best to plan for every eventuality, to make sure the vacation goes off without a hitch. It may be a dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, friend, or extra special combination of MVPs… But let’s face it: Most of the time, it’s Mom toiling at the center of it all in hopes that everyone enjoys their time off to the fullest.

Whether you’re loading up your vehicle to drive Up North, leaving Wisconsin in your rearview mirror, or racing to Mitchell International to catch a flight, you do so very much to get your crew through!

To the vacation moms and caregivers who…

  1. Consider accommodations, schedules, itineraries, and logistics.
  2. Make, check, and recheck lists for every conceivable aspect of the trip.
  3. Research their destination weather AND the local flavor.
  4. Plan appointments ahead of time to ensure everyone is well cared for and well groomed before the vacation.
  5. Get prescriptions, pills, and vitamins refilled, so no one runs out while they’re away.
  6. Make arrangements for everything from pets and plants to mail and trash to be taken care of in their absence.
  7. Make sure home is left as put together as possible, so the rejuvenation of an entire vacation isn’t undone by coming back to a bunch of awaiting chores.
  8. Prioritize packing the night lights and favorite loveys–and makes sure they make it back home!
  9. Remember the retainers and mouth guards, eye drops and lens cleaners.
  10. Bring bandages, tweezers, nail clippers, and files.
  11. Don’t forget the antacids and antibiotic ointment.
  12. Basically figure out how to pack first aid necessities and toiletries without emptying out the entire medicine cabinet and bathroom closet.
  13. Make certain there’s enough clean underwear (or diapers) for everyone, for the duration of the trip and then some.
  14. Manage the contents of the fridge for days, so as little food is wasted as possible once everyone is gone.
  15. Turn everything on that’s supposed to be on, and everything off that’s supposed to be off, once everyone is ready to go.
  16. Lock the doors, set timers and alarms, and adjust the thermostat before heading out.
  17. Hypothesize and analyze to find the best mode of attack for snacks, naps, and stops.
  18. Are always at the ready with sunscreen and bug repellent… and anti-itch cream and sunburn gel.
  19. Check in with everyone throughout the trip to make sure they’re okay and don’t need anything.
  20. Clean up, plan meals, and more – even when they’re supposed to be enjoying the vacation themselves.
  21. Go to bed last and wake up first.
  22. Sometimes forget stuff, then feel horrible about falling short, but ultimately find a way to make it work anyway.
  23. Can’t really feel happy unless everyone else is happy.
  24. Try so hard to bank every special memory, even amidst the complaints and tantrums.
  25. Wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world, but wouldn’t say no to a little extra thanks nonetheless.

Dear Vacation Moms and Caregivers, On behalf of your traveling companions, thank you for all that you do! We know you made their time together better in countless ways they may not even recognize!

And from all of those who love you, we hope YOU had a wonderful vacation.

If you saw yourself or someone you love in this list, which numbers resonate most with you?


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