I WERQ Before Work

Photo from WERQ

A weekday morning, typically greeted with the grunt of to dos, kids to school and the work leftover from the week prior…

Thinking about how I would love nothing more than to get out on the dance floor, leaving nothing but my smile and sweat instead of stressors and responsibilities. I had found that perfect morning combination, yes, it does exist. I was already a fan of Zumba, ever since I had my daughter 9 years ago.  Now, this past year I experienced “Werq“, which combines Pop and Hip Hop for an amazing full body expressional workout. 

Several mornings each week you are greeted by an instructor with incredible zest and an eclectic group of women, all there to leave it all on the dance floor, at 9:30am. 

First off, is the warm up. Everyone looking around curious what song will get us going, still battling off the stressors on our shoulders. Then the beat of the music, the excitement of the song, the smiles across the room, hoodies peeling off… that’s when you know you have entered the “zone”. The music continues beat after beat, sometimes you miss a step, other times you made your own choreography. Not a single person cares or passes any judgement. 

From young, old, single, married, pregnant and everything in between… for 60 minutes we are a united group of women there to leave it all on the floor and shake off our morning! It doesn’t matter your status or background everyone just WERQ’s it out. For 60 minutes you engage with your body, shake, shimmy, twerk and drop it low. We all continue to learn about ourselves and our bodies with movement, dancing and even belting out the tunes! For 60 minutes its a feeling of free

Wrapping up the hour, the cool down always completes the time with an inspirational song to send you on your way – out into the world. Whether we leave to a job, our homes, caring for children or loved ones or we’re retired and just enjoying the day; we leave with a boost a zest for the day. Like we had a full night out dancing with our best girlfriends in our 20’s! Thankful for these sessions to not only get a great workout in, but to watch the melting pot of humans come together through music and dance and to start the day… THAT much better than when I entered!  

So get out there and get to WERQ!

Click here learn about a Werq class near you.


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