A fun quirky mom navigating through the world of a 7 year old, dating, co-parenting, blended families and corporate life. I enjoy being truthful about motherhood, honest about myself as a woman and forging new paths for myself and my mom tribes.

I WERQ Before Work

A weekday morning, typically greeted with the grunt of to dos, kids to school and the work leftover from the week prior... Thinking about how I would love nothing more than to get out on...

My Ex-husband’s Wife (Pt. 1)

I love my ex-husband's wife. Wow, read that again. I love my ex-husband's wife.  When I got married, never did I imagine or think I would get a divorce. It's nothing you plan for. However, life...

Meal Kit Delivery Review: Feelin’ like a boss in the kitchen.

It is here! I've been asked, and now it's delivered.... literally. Which meal kit stands above the rest? I love food, flavors, and cultural experiences.  I also love a well-packaged meal kit, cooking, learning new...

Dear 2020, Thank You.

While you might have single-handedly been the most insane year ever, I can't help but look back at how much I am grateful for this year.  Yes, like many, I went into that 2019 NYE...

Custody Exchange Day: Sunday Funday vs. Sunday Sadness

“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.” – Caitlin Houston. On Sundays...my dreaded custody exchange day. I feel like half my heart leaves that morning. ...
boudoir photographer

How The Gift of a Boudoir Session Helped Me Feel Empowered

It was our first Valentine's Day together as a newly dating couple (mind you, a dating couple that agreed to no sex for 90 days (that story to come).  I opened an envelope that...

Why Moms Need Non-Mom friends

As moms, let's be real. You need a tribe.  You know, that old saying, “it takes a village?” It still holds, and a non-mom friend should be in yours. I know my tribe has helped me...