Go, See, Explore: South Shore Park in Milwaukee


(Milwaukee, WI): South Shore Park is a veritable gem any day of the week, but especially if you go on a Saturday, when you can multitask and roam one of the best farmer’s markets in the city. Not only does the playground (super fun with spinny seats) overlook the water, but there’s exercise equipment for adults. And a great little beach with the best skipping stones. And oh…there’s a beer garden. Whether you need a spot to let the kids roam on the playground, or you want to kick back and have a drink – this park has it all. There’s a great trail for hiking and biking and it attaches to the Oak Leaf Trail!

There’s a reason that this gem is a favorite for many residents AND visitors!

47 Acres Along Lake Michigan 

South Shore Park sits on 47 acres – right along the shores of Lake Michigan. The Bay View park is home to some of the best events of the summer and is one of the most relaxing spots in the city. It offers a great view of our amazing city in the distance and has a nice place to play in the water (in the warmer months) or have a picnic.


2900 S. Shore Dr, Milwaukee


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