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When it comes to getting your toddlers involved in extracurricular activities it can be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Toddler sports programs are a perfect way to start working on a foundation that will support them for a lifetime. At Playpen Sports Academy we pride ourselves in being an outlet for growth in children!


Our programs act as a vehicle for childhood development and we’re focused on these 5 pillars: 

1: Youth sports programs act as an appropriate outlet for kinetic energy. Children, especially toddlers, use movement as a tool for supporting self-regulation. Sports classes allow them to move their bodies in a structured environment, where they have permission to run, jump and play and burn some energy that might be pent up in a healthy way. It also increases a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that will stick with them for a lifetime! 

2: It’s important for toddlers between the ages of 2-5 years old to practice skills that will build on their motor skills and increase body awareness. Sports is a great avenue for this. They help increase eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, bilateral skills, timing and rhythm and also core strength! 

3: There are also many social benefits that come from toddlers participating in sports. In a world where young children have spent much of their lives in isolation due to the pandemic, it’s important that they socialize and learn from both peer models and adults. At Playpen Sports, kids are able to work together in a team atmosphere. This builds on their ability to problem solve and be flexible thinkers. Through working with others, they are also able to improve their communication skills. 

4: The structure and routine of games and practices teaches kids both discipline and accountability. Children learn first hand the importance of following the rules and being a good listener. Having structure is very important for toddlers, and can help with predictability and routine. 

5: Lastly, introducing your little one to sports can help with building executive function skills. This includes learning how to initiate, plan and organize through social play. At Playpen Sports Academy we strive to teach both sport specific skills to our young athletes, as well as recognize the importance of setting a solid foundation for individual development. Because while we expect some of your children to go on to be great athletes, we expect all of your children to go on to be great humans!

About Playpen Sports Academy 

Playpen Sports Academy was started on the concept of reimagining what youth sports can be and the role it can play in a child’s overall development. After working a few seasons as the director of local Chicago soccer club, Playpen Sports Academy Founder decided to start his own toddlers program with a stronger emphasis on child development in addition to the standard sport specific curriculum.

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