Maggie is a life-long Milwaukeean whose life is a balancing act of growing a business and making messes in the kitchen with her daughters. Maggie wants to be Ina Garten when she grows up. She attributes her ability to parent to her awesome husband who is a true partner that lets her nap on the weekends. Ah, the real good life. Isn’t it amazing?

She Won’t Remember And I’ll Never Forget

Someone almost made my heart stop this week. When I was lamenting about you having to share the attention and toys once your little sister arrives, this person said, “It’s OK, she’ll never remember a...
weekday holiday meals

Four Weekday Meals to Fuel the Holiday Season

Just because it's the holiday season, it doesn't mean you can skip out on weekday meals! Nope. Something has to fuel those marathon gift wrapping sessions and Hallmark movie binges. This month, I've got a...
eat the rainbow

Fall Kitchen Reset – Five Dinners to Balance Out Summer’s Fun

If you are anything like me, this summer was twelve weeks of constant "sure, why not." Sure, why not have Kopp's for dinner (including a custard milkshake)? Goldfish and raisins for lunch because it's...

Back To School: Five Awesome Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast, anyone? It's back to school time! I feel like we've been waiting for this moment for 18 months, not just three, as a good portion of us felt dread instead of excitement at...

The Best Blondie Ice Cream Sandwiches | Featuring Hudsonville Ice Cream

You know how sometimes a simple moment can spark the most delicious inspiration? Like, when eating brownie with ice cream one might think "I bet this would make for a great ice cream sandwich"...

The Seasons of Parenting Are Constantly Changing

No one prepared me for how fast seasons would change once I was a parent. I mean, sure there are the actual seasons I need to find coats and sunblock and umbrellas for, but...

The Menu I’ve Been Planning For A Year

We are almost there, friends! The end of the Year of No Get-Togethers may finally be upon us. If you've already had your vaccine, perhaps you're already there. For us work-from-home types, we're hanging...

Five Recipes to Try When You Want to Hide In The Kitchen

There comes a point (many points?) in every mom's life where she throws in the towel and exclaims, "I just can't cook another meal!" That's where we come in. But shortly after a loving...

Dinner Prep: Cook Once, Eat All Week

Time is at a premium these days, so make the most of your moments in the kitchen. Double up the recipe for your favorite meat, and your dinner prep for the whole week will...
master meal planning

Make This The Year You Actually Master Meal Planning

It's a new year! Time to dive headfirst into our new resolutions. If meal planning is on your list, here are a few tips to actually make it happen. Here are seven tips to help...