Maggie is a life-long Milwaukeean whose life is a balancing act of growing a business and making messes in the kitchen with her daughters. Maggie wants to be Ina Garten when she grows up. She attributes her ability to parent to her awesome husband who is a true partner that lets her nap on the weekends. Ah, the real good life. Isn’t it amazing?

Five Recipes to Try When You Want to Hide In The Kitchen

There comes a point (many points?) in every mom's life where she throws in the towel and exclaims, "I just can't cook another meal!" That's where we come in. But shortly after a loving...

Dinner Prep: Cook Once, Eat All Week

Time is at a premium these days, so make the most of your moments in the kitchen. Double up the recipe for your favorite meat, and your dinner prep for the whole week will...
master meal planning

Make This The Year You Actually Master Meal Planning

It's a new year! Time to dive headfirst into our new resolutions. If meal planning is on your list, here are a few tips to actually make it happen. Here are seven tips to help...
weekday holiday meals

Four Weekday Meals to Fuel the Holiday Season

Just because it's the holiday season, it doesn't mean you can skip out on weekday meals! Nope. Something has to fuel those marathon gift wrapping sessions and Hallmark movie binges. This month, I've got a...
Hudsonville Celebratory Ice Cream Drink

My Family’s Secret Recipe for the Perfect Holiday Drink | Featuring Hudsonville Ice Cream

This post is sponsored by Hudsonville Ice Cream. Hudsonville is about more than just ice cream. They're creating special memories that last a lifetime, with every single scoop you share. All dessert-loving opinions are...
Cozy Meals

Four Cozy Meals For Cold Weather

When we face cold weather, meals should warm our bodies inside and out. This also means we are probably walking around with our shoulders up to our ears, hunched over by stress or chilling...

Five Kid-Friendly Meal Ideas No Matter What Your Mood

  Sometimes you want to put your heart and soul into the meal. Other times you just want to get food in their faces. Here are a few kid-friendly meal ideas for those frames of...
sourdough starter

Lessons from Veronica Jars, My Sourdough Starter (Yes, I Still Have One)

Way back in olden times, i.e., March, I joined the bandwagon and got a jar of sourdough starter from a friend. With the girls at home, I figured this could be a project we...
kid friendly dinners

Four Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas (and a Bonus Bang for Your Buck!)

A Kid-Friendly Dinner that parents want to eat too? It's not impossible! As we stare down the new school year, so many things are different or unfamiliar. Do you know what promises to stay the...
Parenting While Imperfect

Parenting With Imperfections

How do we parent with imperfections? About a month ago, I unearthed a video that I knew defined me. See, it’s a video of my first “cooking show” where I baked chocolate chip cookies with...