Meet the 4-new, female OBGYNs + Primary Care physicians joining Ascension Wisconsin


Ascension Medical Group Wisconsin OB/GYN has four new physicians who are transitioning their practices from their Milwaukee-area locations to Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital. To celebrate this transition they are hosting a community event on Wednesday, July 20 from 5:30-8 p.m. at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee. In addition, the new primary care physicians and our local pediatricians will be onsite for introductions.

This is a free event open to the community. Women and their families will have an opportunity to meet the doctors of the new OB/GYN practice as well as Ascension Medical Group Wisconsin primary care physicians and pediatricians. There also will be plenty of fun activities for kids.

Activities will include:

  • A life size game of Operation
  • Azteca Restaurant MKE food truck
  • Chick-fil-A food truck
  • Free treats
  • Raffles & giveaways
  • … and more!

The event is sponsored by Premier Radiology.

Location + Date

Wednesday, July 20th from 5:30-8 p.m.

Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital Ozaukee

13111 N Port Washington Road – Mequon

The event will be held on the southeast side of the hospital, in employee parking lot S1.

Get to Know the Providers

You can also get to know the new providers in the videos below.

Dr. Tamara Adducci

Q: What is something that you like potential patients to know about you?

A: One of the things that I feel like is most important in my practice is that I treat every patient as a family member, I come from a family of a lot of strong-willed women. And I just feel like it’s important that every patient be cared for as I would want (my family) them to be cared for – throughout all stages of life. My husband always wants me to add that I think that the partner is also super important in the delivery and has a role in the room. And in that life changing moment.

Dr. Adducci’s Profile Page

Dr. Jessica Hoelzle

Q: What do you love about your work?

A: I’m really lucky that I really do love what I do. It’s become really apparent to me over time that it’s really special to be able to help women through life’s journeys. And that could be, finding a solution to their pain, or supporting them through a loss, or going through the transition into motherhood with them. And then also all the changes that happen as we age and empowering them through that transition. That’s really one of the most special things to me.

Dr. Hoelzle’s Profile Page

Dr. Emily Lombard

Q: What is something that motivates you before work every day?

A: So I agree with with Dr. Hoelzle that I absolutely love what I do. Each morning waking up, sometimes even in the whole night – knowing that I get to go to a place where I’m absolutely in love with every aspect of my job and being able to help our patients throughout all of these, (sometimes difficult and sometimes extremely fun), days of their lives.

And these moments, it’s a very motivating thing, knowing that we get to play a special part in every aspect of potential moments in these patients lives. And it’s really special to be able to take part in these. It helps me kind of prepare for the day and know that surprises are in store each and every day. And it’s what we live for.

Dr. Lombard’s Profile Page

Dr. Renee Zimmermann

Q: What makes your practice different and how do you build relationships with your patients?

A: All four of our practice styles is really a team based approach. Our patients are going to learn something when they come to see us and we’re excited to work together as a team and also to work with our patients as a team. You know, make them be involved in the decision making and going away learning something. As Dr. Hoelzle said, she likes to make her patients feel empowered. And I think something that we all want to do is to help our patients feel empowered and to empower women. And, you know, knowledge is power. And so in my personal practice, I’m definitely a visual learner – it’s not uncommon for me to draw out the menstrual cycle or diagram, why PCOS happens, or why people have difficulty conceiving. I think that if the four of us can help empower our patients, and help them learn something, and keep them involved in their patient care, I think even that’s going to make for a successful relationship with all of our patients, and as a group together.

And then as a second part of your question – I think there’s many things that I probably do to build relationships with my patients, but probably the most important thing is just making it a relationship – making it a friendship – creating a bond with the patient. And there’s just so many ways that we do that every day. I look ahead at my schedule the next day, and I think, oh I wonder how she’s doing postpartum? Or if this person took the job that she interviewed for? Or this patient’s mother died, and I wonder how she’s doing? And I think that creating relationships with your patients, and building a bond is definitely a way to build that rapport with your patients. I want my patients to come to their visit, thinking I came to work just to see them that day. Like, that was my purpose of working that day. Because really, that is our purpose. We all do this, because we love what we do. And we love helping women. And we can do that by just being invested in them.

Dr. Zimmermann’s Profile Page

To make an appointment, you can call 262-243-7470. Or for more information, visit the individual profile pages:


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