The Story of My Duplicate Stuffed Animal Win


It all began with a Curious George stuffed animal. It was given to my son for his first Christmas by a dear neighbor. It didn’t take long for that monkey to become my son’s emotional support stuffed animal. We couldn’t do much without it.

For those first several months, I guarded that stuffed animal with my life. I knew the sleep and sanity I’d lose if anything happened to it. Plus, I had nightmares hearing about all the poor moms (and kiddos) who lost a stuffed animal at the zoo, park or grocery store. I couldn’t handle the thought of losing our Georgie.

Then I heard a story about a mom who bought a duplicate of her son’s favorite stuffed animal.

The mom bought it with the intention of giving it to her son’s child (her grandchild) one day. That got me to thinking about duplicates and how I might be able to harness the power of an incidental Georgie, should the need ever arise.

I scoured the internet and found an identical Curious George stuffed animal.

The issue was then that Old Georgie (OG) had some love and life on him. So, I said a prayer and swapped New Georgie (NG) in to play, to see what would happen. Thankfully, my son did not notice the initial switch. NG got just as much love and life over time.

I continued this swapping process until just a few weeks ago, when one of the Georgies died.

It’s hard to say whether it was OG or NG, but poor Georgie ended up covered in barf. It didn’t matter what I did, the smell would not come out. So, that Georgie crossed over in to the afterlife of stuffed toys.

Thank goodness I had a backup Georgie. My son was amazed when I miraculously pulled a clean stuffed animal from the wash.

I am now out of Georgies. Hopefully, my son will soon grow less attached to him. Otherwise, I guess it will be life lesson time should our remaining Georgie find himself in an unfix-able situation. Still, it felt like a huge mom win to have an identical back up stuffed animal.

Do you have any Mom tricks that have gotten you out of a pickle? What are your mom wins?

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Jaclynn knows a good thing when she sees it, that’s why she and her husband, Dave, decided to raise their son and daughter in Brookfield, the same Milwaukee suburb where they grew up. After earning her English degree from UW-Madison, Jaclynn attended Marquette University Law School and worked for several years at a small Milwaukee firm practicing estate planning and elder law. When her son was born a few year ago, she followed her heart and became a SAHM. She is now the mother of two, having welcomed a daughter last June. When she's not managing her family circus, you can find Jaclynn instructing or taking classes at the Barre Code. Jaclynn would be lost without dessert, family friendly breweries, books, comfy pants, and the moms who have helped her navigate the labyrinth that is ‘momming’.


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