Interview with a Local Mom: Why She Loves Having her Kids Involved with Youth Football


Football is a sport that often unites people. It’s a sport that has the ability to fill hometown stadiums on Friday nights. Where people from all over the state (or region) are willing to drive to watch their team take to the gridiron. And the game of football has a long history of fun traditions for teams and fans!

Playing football can also have a lot of positive impacts on young athletes – it builds confidence, kids learn how to work together with teammates and they learn discipline. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Kooiman, a local mom, who’s sons have fallen in love with the game of football. She tells us about their experience with youth football here in the greater Milwaukee area – and how it has taught them valuable lifelong lessons and why her family loves being involved in the sport. 

Here is what Sarah had to say about the impact that football has had on her children: 

A: How many of your children play football?
S: I have a freshman, 7th grader and 6th grader who all play – all started in 5th grade. 

A: What is their favorite thing about football? 
S: My oldest would say tackling. My youngest loves catching the ball!

A: What is your favorite thing about watching football?
S: It’s so fun to talk about the fundamentals of the game with them! And watching the games and seeing them improve is so exciting! The incremental improvements have taught them to continue to work hard and has built confidence. 

A: What has been the best lesson they’ve learned from football?
S: Coaches can challenge and push them – whereas parents get disregarded. We have a particular ref who has been great about pulling kids aside and encouraging them and teaching them. Rather than throwing a flag right away – he has been great about teaching them. 

A: Have you ever thought about being a referee? 
S: Yes! I’ve noticed that there are never female refs at the youth or HS level here. And I have started looking into it and would enjoy it!

Visit to find a league near you and for other helpful resources to see how your family can also enjoy the game!



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