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Stitches at the kitchen table in the comfort of your own home?… A Wisconsin mom shares about her urges care house call experience with WI company Pivotal Health 

Every parent dreads that call, but on this particular afternoon, Megan, mother of three in suburban Wisconsin, wasn’t sure what to do. Her 10 year old son, Lee, had cut his hand badly at an after-school program. And with her husband out of town, she weighed her options. Her last visit to urgent care took three hours and she knew the ER was worse. Then, she remembered a friend talking about getting urgent care at her home – and how convenient it was. With two other children and her husband away, Megan called her friend for the details.

“She told me again about Pivotal Health and it sounded too good to be true,” Megan said. Founded in 2020, Pivotal Health sends a clinician for urgent care concerns and primary care visits in patients’ homes.

“I got in the car drove to get Lee,” she said. “In the parking lot, with all my kids in the car, I downloaded the Pivotal Health app and made an appointment right away.”

As she was driving home, Megan got a call from the Pivotal Health triage team asking for details about Lee’s injury and confirming the appointment. As they walked into the house, the doorbell rang – Pivotal Health nurse practitioner, Aaron H., was at the front door. 

“Lee was nervous and a little shaken up by the accident,” Megan said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Aaron was great with Lee right away. He was joking with him and asking him about his hockey team.”

Stitches in the Kitchen

Lee’s hand injury was serious enough that it required stitches, so Aaron prepared the kitchen table with a sterile drape and treated Lee right in their kitchen. A few minutes later, with his hand bandaged, Lee bounced right over to the family room to watch TV while Aaron spoke with Megan about wound care and follow-up instructions. 

“The visit took less than 30 minutes and we didn’t have to go anywhere,” Megan said. “I am so relieved we avoided a clinic, where my kids often pick up other illnesses. Pivotal Health completely transformed a potentially traumatic urgent care or ER visit – right in our home. I’m so glad I reached out to Pivotal Health and will definitely turn to them first in the future.”  

House Calls with Pivotal Health

While major industries like finance, insurance, retail, hospitality, and others transformed to improve consumer experience, satisfaction with the healthcare industry has declined for many reasons. A recent Redpoint Global survey shows more than 70% of consumers reported facing major frustrations throughout their healthcare experience – including long wait times, impersonal visits, a confusing process, unclear costs, and trouble when scheduling an appointment. 

After similar frustrations, the founders of Wisconsin-based company Pivotal Health built a company to address these problems. They started with a basic question: “What’s the ideal doctor’s appointment?” Then, they built an entire company around the answer. The result is in-home house calls centered around a patient-friendly experience that embraces convenience, easy navigation, and transparent pricing while improving high-quality, affordable care for everyone from infants to older adults.  

Along with delivering urgent care and primary care where it’s convenient for patients – home, work, apartment, job site, dorm room – Pivotal Health developed a groundbreaking app. It puts patients in the driver’s seat, allowing them to select a time for a house call, and shows how much they will pay for a visit. When they’re on their way, a Pivotal Health clinician texts the patient, and they follow up after the appointment to make sure the patient is on the road to recovery.

In-Network Providers & Affordable Self-Pay Options

Pivotal Health’s convenient house calls are in network with major health insurance plans including UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield, Humana, Cigna, The Alliance, HPS, and Medicare. People with these healthcare plans pay the same or less for Pivotal Health house calls as going to their doctor or waiting at an urgent care clinic. 

Starting with the basic question, “What’s the ideal doctor’s appointment?” Pivotal Health is transforming urgent care and primary care in Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Pivotal Health is now serving the Madison and Milwaukee, WI Metro Areas

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